Monday, February 17, 2014

SPOTTED: 1 Black Leather Jacket 4 Different Looks

1. First Day of College
2. a 90s Dream
3. Colbat
4.  These Boots Are Made For...

       First "Spotted" look of the year. WOOHOO. You all already know that I have a serious obsession with Black leather jackets and this is just beyond perfect. It has the perfect motorcycle vibe that I adore and its comfy enough for cold days but not nice enough to handle on hot summer days as well. A black leather jacket in my opinion is definitely a staple for any wardrobe. Even if you do not like the "moto" look there are so many different options that can fit to your personal style.  They can be worn dressed up or casual. Versatility at its finest. 

Which look was your favorite?

Here are some links to different types of BLJ to fit your style :)

Thank you so much for reading!
God bless <3

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