Friday, January 17, 2014

a 90s Dream

Jaeket-Zara(similar here, here and here)
Sweatshirt-Target(similar here, here, and here
*Lipstick-Ruby Woo by MAC*
Overalls in these last couple of months have made a HUGE comeback; and being the 90's kid that I am, I am beyond happy for this. Not only do I have sweet childhood memories with them but, they give off this perfect boyish/sluggish look that can fit any type of style. Perfect for lazy days or when you have to run errands (like my day when I wore this). They are appropriate for all four seasons and if you want to "dress them up" or  pair them with some sexy ankle strap heels.

I've been on the look for the perfect pair for while and a lot of brands have them but these particular ones caught my eye. They have the original style and with the couple of rips that it has gives it the perfect sluggish yet cool vibe I wanted. I've literally wear them more than I probably should be allowed too.......

 Now Miami has finally gotten the memo that it is winter and the temperature is starting drop to between low 40s to high 60s. Now everyone up north that is pretty much a beach day but for us Floridians down here...its time to bring out our winter wear. Since it was cooler than usual on this day I wanted to be worm (obviously) and I know the idea of wearing a sweatshirt underneath an overall sounds ridiculous but when you pair them right its beautiful and extremely COMFORTABLE!!! Went for my GUESS high kick for a cool urban look.

Have a blessed day!

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