Monday, November 11, 2013

First Day of College

Jacket- Zara(here)
Shoes-Lucky Brand(here)
Hello my lovely readers. I know I know I have seriously disappeared! BUT I started college and it has consumed so much of my time, even my time to sleep at night D:! But that is okay. I've actually just been waiting to be able to have a serious of post for you all to be able to post every other day. I'm still learning how to balance school and everything my life so please bare with me! 

I'm a freshman in college getting my bachelors in fashion design. This is a huge new season in my life, college is so different from high school and I thank God everyday that is! I'm getting so many new experiences already and learning so much. There is more to fashion than even I thought! Its such a beautiful art and something that I can't wait to glorify God through:) I am very blessed to be able to study and do what I love to do :)

Now for this look....COMFORT is a MUST when it comes to school clothes. And you all know that I am a true believer that you do not have to sacrifice comfort to look fabulous!! Even though it isn't really leather jacket weather here in Miami, I wore my BLJ just because its my favorite piece in my wardrobe and for the first day I wanted to wear something that represented me in a way. (First impressions) And you can never really go wrong with a t-shirt and skinnies. These coated skinnies are one of my favorites because they give off that leather feel without being leather! Because it was my first day I didn't know how much standing/walking I would do so to be safe I went with flats!

Much love Crystal xoxo

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