Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Leopard Touch

Pants-Levis(similar here)
Shoes-Lucky Brand(here)
       Excuse the fro....I was getting tired of using heat on my hair so I decided to take break during the time I took these pictures....

       Animal print has definitely been a HUGE trend this fall and while I'm not necessarily the biggest animal print lover I think having an essential piece with the print is a must for any wardrobe. I know it gets difficult because usually animal print carries the "hoochy mama" vibe but when used correctly it can give a very classy sophisticated touch. Bebe had came earlier with a beautiful collection of animal print and my mother and I went cray. I know that the color red is usually the go to color to pair with this print but I wanted to do something different and this cobalt blue works perfectly. Its so vibrant and makes the colors of the print stand out more with out it being to much. In my opinion, red, blue, violet, and maybe even green can be paired up with animal print and still look good!

Do not be afraid to mix print and colors you never what piece of art you might create! :)

Much Love, Crystal 

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