Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Polka Dots & an Update

Top-The Limited
Shoes-Vince Camuto
Bag-Juicy Couture
Hey everyone!! So I know I have been gone for what feels like forever, but I got very sick and the doctor had ordered me to be in my room and away from human contact for about a week. So I was locked up in my room, sick and watching movies all day long! :( But thats okay, because by God's wonderful idea of an immune system I am finally back and up on my feet and feeling a lot better!! :D 

Now I wore this look a couple a weeks ago, and this is one of my favorite looks! Who would have thought that polka dots and cargo pants would compliment each other?! I think that this looks is sophisticated but with the right amount of casualness. The polka dots give it a girly touch as well. I went with flats because I was going to be running around a lot that day and heels are not the shoes for a day like that, BUT I would prefer this look with some cute black pumps. This look is perfect for work, wearing it at school, or nice lunch date. :)

Thank you so much for waiting and I promise that there will be more post up coming up!! :) 
God bless you <3