Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top-F21(similar here)
Shorts-H&M(similar here and here)
Leather Vest-H&M(similar here and here)
PARTY PARTY PARTY!! I wore this look to a friend's birthday party last weekend and the theme was "rock star". As a rock head by heart this was not going to be difficult to put together! I've had these gold sequined short for a very long time but I rarely get to wear them because, there aren't a lot of occasions that I can wear them to. I love them because they automatically give off that party feel which instantly helped me get in the mood. The party was taken place at a warehouse so there was no way I was going to wear a leather jacket because warehouses don't usually have the best ac. Instead I opted for a leather vest which still gave off the edgy vibe but without me having to worry about passing out. 
The party was a lot of fun, since I don't usually get the chance to go out as much it was a night of just exploring freedom, hanging out with friends, and having a good time!!! 


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