Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Maxi Skirts are honestly one the best fashion pieces any girl can own! They are perfect for lazy days, beach/pool days, days when you're on your period(hate those days) etc. They are super duper comfortable and very stylish! I love this striped one because, well I love anything striped! I paired it with a plain blank tank, which this particular tank has become a favorite, it has a kind of sports tank material so its tight but its not suffocating tight. It gives shape and is perfect for these skirts because its not loose so the look doesn't look baggy. My favorite leather vest gives an edge and the bright accessories give a pop of color. This color beaded necklace I got when I was 10 at jewelry boutique in Washington Heights NY. I haven't worn it in years but I'm starting to really like it more and might be sporting it a lot this summer! 

 What I Wore
Maxi Skirt-Kenneth Cole
Bag-Jessica Simpson
This little man right here is the photographer of this blog! He is also my little brother! When you don't have a professional photographer you gotta do what you gotta do!! LOL He's pretty talented too don't ya think?!

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