Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Time Baby!

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I AM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! Monday was my last full day of high school....forever! I still have two finals to take on thursday but thats only until like noon so it doesn't really count LOL. But still, I cannot believe that its already been four years! I still remember my first day of freshman year like if it was yesterday! I am so grateful for the past four years of high school, they weren't necessarily the best but I definitely had a lot of good times and I've made so many friends along the way. I did go to three different high schools (long story).I am so excited for what God has in store for me next! Its a new season ya'll. In the fall I start college at an art school to get my bachelors in Fashion Design! Its going to be such an adventure but words can't describe how excited I am for college! I thank the Lord, because it was literally Him that did this to my life! THANK YOU FATHER!!

Anyways fashion talk ;). So its technically my first day of summer and I wanted to be colorful and comfortable as I ran some errands with my momma. The shirt I am wearing is from my trip to Gradbash, which I am working on a blog post on that wonderful adventure that I had so stay tuned! The shirt was orignally a t-shrit but I cut the sleeves off and hemmed it a little bit to give it some edge. I paired it with my new favorite jeans from Levi's. The color of the pants works perfectly with the tee because it doesn't look like too much color but just enough! Remember its summer, this is the season to play around with colors in your wardrobe. :) 

Now I know some of you might be like "WTH is up with yo hur gurl?!" LOL This is my hair in its natural state. Its EXTREMELY DAMAGED by HEAT!! I'm one of those girls that live by their flat irons. I used to be insecure about my hair(well I still am little bit), and always wanted to have straight hair. But then I ran into Andrea  and Alba on youtube and they have similar stories with my hair. They went through their own natural hair process and now their curls are BEAUTIFUL!! And God has used them to show me that my curls are beautiful too and I look my best in my natural state. So I have decided to do the process as well. I'm waiting for the next opportunity to go to the salon to start cutting off my dead ends. Its going to be a LONG process but I do miss my curly hair and I need to take care of it better. Every one is different and beautiful! God is creative! Embrace what you have whether its, curly, wavy, thick, thin, straight, coarse, etc. Your beautiful <3 
Love you all <3

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