Friday, April 26, 2013

Mint Portofino Top

Top- Express
White Jeans-Cotton On
Shoes- Vince Camuto 
Nail Polish-Water Street Blue by NYC

Portofino tops are definitely a must this spring. They're everywhere, but Express, in my opinion, has the best ones. Most shirts I have seen are super sheer and girls walk around with their bras peeking through and that is NOT cute AT ALL. But the ones from Express are thick enough to conceal anything from peeking through but the fabric is so lightweight and you really don't feel like you are wearing them. I am a huge believer that you can be cute and very comfortable! And this top definitely fits that criteria. The color of course is a POP of color which is another big thing this spring! This top is very versatile; you can pair them with jeans, a skirt, even a pair of shorts! And there is a variety of colors to choose from. My mom has almost all of them LOL.   

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casual OOTD


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here's a  glimpse of me getting ready for my prom! 

NAILS- Since my dress with blue with silver jewels and sequins, I didn't want to do french because french is so expected and boring, but I couldn't decided what color to do. So I went will a blue color on my toes (Essie:Butler Please) and for my hands I went with a silver color. (Essie:No Place Like Home)

I'm really good with makeup, so paying to get my makeup done for prom would have been a waste! I did the KIM K highlighting and contouring technique. LOL

 That is my sister (from another mother) Sharon! I'm so grateful that her and my other SFAM Sophie(she was taking the picture) were part of this experience! I love these girls to heaven and back!

 NOW MY DRESS!!! Now as a senior I wanted to wear something dramatic. Its my last year so why not?! I was not going to settle for a plain, cheap dress. So the struggle to find a dress that would WOW everyone was a journey. I went to group USA and my mom and I walked around the store literally 5 times. by the fourth time I found some dresses that were alright and tried them all, since I was starting to get discouraged and tired, I settle for a mint colored mini with fabric that fell from the waist, down. As we are walking to pay for the dress my mom found this blue dress. At first I was completely against it until my mom pretty much forced me to try it on. and thank God that she did!!! When I saw myself in the dress I was like in love! And every girl in the fitting room was complimenting me and the dress. With no doubt I knew that it was meant to be! The dress was originally strapless, but since I've been very blessed LOL it was not going to work out. I had a tailor add some straps and of course hem the bottom.

MORAL OF THE STORY= Try every dress, it most likely looks better on you than on the hanger!

Its such a beautiful dress and I don't care if I get called an outfit repeater, because I am most definitely wearing this dress again, if I get the chance!!!

The Westlin Colonnade Hotel

Our prom theme was circus so we got a wolf cub, a snake, and a baby monkey! haha

The night was a blast!! The food was AMAZING! and Everyone had a great time!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Outfit

What I'm Wearing
Blazer- 2Bebe
SPRING COLORS!!! Color is IN this SPRING, and I am definitely going with this trend!! I love black, its my favorite color but this is a new season that is going to be filled with joy, love, excitement and fun, I want my wardrobe to reflect that! Yellow and blue are two colors that complement each other very well and if styled right, can be very flattering and fun!! Of course I needed to add something that is black, studded, and leather....hence the clutch! I've had this clutch for about four years now and its one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe! It can add a sophisticated edge to any outfit!

This spring do not be afraid to play around with colors. Find colors that flatter your body and have fun! Everywhere you go you will find colors, and more colors, and more colors!!

Have fun this season and enjoy life! God has blessed you and I tremendously and if we trust in Him, He will bless us MORE!!