Friday, June 8, 2012

Velvet Florals and Ombre Hair

 (Excuse the bandage on the back of my leg) :P

(Cardigan, Shorts, Shoes, and Handbag-Forever21; Tanktop- Calvin Klein; Belt&Necklace- Pacsun; Earrings and Sunglasses-Vintage)

I have been wanting to dye my hair since I was probably like 10 but my mom kept saying no because she didn't want me to ruin my hair. So I talked to her about doing the Ombre. I know that its a big trend today and a lot of celebrities like Drew Barrymore(the one who pretty much started it) Ashley Simpson etc. have it but I really like the way it looks and since it wasn't my whole head of hair that was going to get dyed  it was a go!! I really liked how it came out! Ngl I was really nervous and scared that it was going to be a horrible mistake but thank God that it came better than I expected it:)

Now for my outfit, here in Miami it has been getting very hot lately, and these Forever21 shorts have been my go-to shorts for the past couple of weeks. They are very comfy, not too too short, and they can go with anything!! Which is great because I can mix and match with any piece in my closet.

I hope that everyone has a good day today!!
God bless <3

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