Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Summer Pieces for Summer☀

These are my summer wardrobe pieces. Some of these I use year round (like my leather jackets. Who said leather jackets are just for winter/fall?) You will definitely see these in future blog post and some I have already styled in my past posts. :)

From left to right:( Forever21 Velvet Cardigan; Forever21 Looney Tunes Tank; Vintage Iron Man T-shirt; Forever21 Snoopy Top; Forever21 Sheer Button-Up Top; Sandbar Tank-Top(my friend's dad owns a restaurant called Sandbar); Wet Seal Romper; Forever21 Purple Maxi Dress; BEBE Jumper; H&M Dress; Material Girls Dress; Forever21 Blazer; Forever21 Denim Jacket; BEBE Red Leather Jacket; BEBE Sheer black Leather Jacket; Forever21 Leather Jacket; Forever21 Floral Skirt; Forever21 Green Skirt; H&M Sequined Shorts;Vintage Shorts; Forever21 Shorts; BEBE Black Studded Shorts; Forever21 Red Leather Skirt;)

Shoes left to right (Forever21 Red Suede Pumps; Converse Sneakers; Blowfish Gladiators Sandals; Vince Camuto ballet flats; Dr.Marten Boots; Forever21 Floral MaryJane Pumps; Steven Madden Girl Yellow Pumps)

Accessories (Vintage Yellow Hat; Coach Sequin Bag; Forever21 Bag; Forever21 Hat & both bags)

I know I know I shop a lot at F21! :P

God bless♡

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