Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Cut Off Shorts

(Shirt:Forever21; Undershirt:Forever21; Belt:Hot Topic; Shorts: DIY; Shoes:Converse)
Lately I have been really into making my own shorts. I feel like shorts being sold in stores today are way too short. As a Christian I do believe that girls shouldn't reveal a lot of skin but I also don't think that we should be drowned in fabric from head toe either. I don't like it when I bend down and half of my butt is out! Its unflattering on every girl including myself. Modesty is the best Policy. Keep it mysterious. Showing a little skin but not to where its uncomfortable.... for everyone. Keep the sexy for your husbands ladies...he is the only one that is ever going to truly enjoy your body!

The shorts were so much fun and super easy to make. If you want to know how I made them, here is a video that one of my favorite beauty guru (AndreasChoice) made on Youtube. 

And in honor to support my favorite band TheRoyalRoyal I ironed their logo on to a plain white shirt, cut it, sowed it, and added studs to add some edginess and pop!!

God bless <3

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