Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Royal Lion

I got my new TheRoyalRoyal sweatshirt yesterday. I have been waiting for ever to get this thing! For those who do not know who TheRoyalRoyal are, they are a worship band on the rising. I love their music. The lyrics to their songs speak truth in every way and their music is music you can dance to. LOL. and of course the boys who run the band are purty darn cute. If you are interested in checking them out...... Their ep releases world wide 5/15/2012. GO BUY IT! AND BE PART OF THE CHURCH IN THE WILD. Do it. you know you want to. 

Top: TheRoyalRoyal lion Sweatshirt
Shorts:Victoria Secret 
Shoes: Dr. Marten 

God bless <3

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